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American Football Abbreviations

1st: First Downs

AST: Assisted Tackles

ATT: Passes Attempted

AVG: Average

BLK: Blocked Kick

C: Center

CAR: Carries

CB: Cornerback

CMP: Completions

COMP: Passes Completed

DB: Defensive Back

DE: Defensive End

DL: Defensive Lineman

DT: Defensive Tackle

FB: Fullback

FC: Fair Catches

FFUM: Forced Fumbles

FGA: Field Goal Attempted

FGM: Field Goal Made

FS: Free Safety

FUM: Fumbles

FUML: Fumbles Lost

FUMR: Fumbles Recovered

G: Games Played

HB: Halfback

ILB: Inside Linebacker

In20: Inside The Opponent's 20 Yard Line

INT: Interceptions

INTTD: Interception Returned For Touchtown

INTYD: Interception Return Yards

K: Kicker

KR: Kickoff Returns

LB: Linebacker

LG: Long

LG: Left Guard

LT: Left Tackle

MLB: Middle Linebacker

NT: Nose Tackle

NT: Nose Tackle

OG: Offensive Guards

OL: Offensive Lineman

OLB: Outside Linebacker

OT: Offensive Tackles

P: Punter

PCT: Percentage of Passes Completed

PD: Pass Defensed

PK: Placekicker

POSS: Time of Possession

PR: Punt Returns

QB: Quarterback

RATING: Quarterback Rating

RB: Running Back

REC: Receptions

RG: Right Guard

RG: Right Tackle

RUSH: Rushing Attempts

S: Safety

SACK: Sacks

SOLO: Solo tackles

SS: Strong Safety

T: Tackles

TACK: Tackles

TB: Touchback

TD: Touchdowns

TE: Tight End

WR: Wide Receiver

XPA: Extra Point Attempted

XPM: Extra Point Made

Y/A: Yards Gained Per Attempt

Y/G: Yards Gained Per Game

YAC: Yards After Catch

YDS: Yards Gained

YDSL: Yards Lost