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Hockey Rink

Hockey Rink

Faceoff Circle: A circle around the faceoff spot. The purpose of a faceoff circle is to position players in a faceoff.

Faceoff Spot: The spot where the official drops the puck in a faceoff. There are two faceoff spots inside each zone, and 5 faceoff spots in the neutral zone.

Blue Line: A hockey rink is separated into 3 zones - defensive zone, neutral zone, and attacking zone, by the two blue lines, with the area between the blue lines called the neutral zone.

Red Line: The line in the middle of the rink.

Goal Line: A red line that spans across the playing surface near each end of the rink. The goal line is used to judge goals (a puck must completely cross the goal line to be counted as a score) and icing calls.

Goal: An element of the hockey rink that consists of metal frames and nets. The purpose of an ice hockey game is to place the puck into the opponent's goal.

Goal Crease: An area of the ice right outside of the goal, where the goalie is allowed to perform his or her duty without being interfered with.